“You mind if I playsomething for you?”

Kasey Tate (also known as DJ Kase) is an American DJ, audio engineer, playback engineer, producer, and musician. Kase is never afraid to play those random rare gems you love but didn’t remember. Having grown up on her parent’s eclectic combination of Funk / Soul music (James Brown, The Temptations), Pop / Folk (Paul Simon, Phil Collins), Gospel (Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker)… all which became infused with her own love for Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo-Soul, Kase ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today this translates into sets where she infuses music that was never intended to blend together but as the “Queen of Transitions” she masterfully marries your favorite artists and genres from around the world.

A very active member of her community, Kase got her start in engineering at a local non-profit organization. There she quickly learned, then taught under privileged teens and young adults how to engineer, produce, and DJ. Her passion to teach whatever she knows directly effects the way she mixes; Always willing to introduce the crowd to new music they naturally fall in love with.

That’s why her tag line, “You mind if I play something for you?” is posed as a question. “For me, understanding the power that music holds came very early on. I’m not just mixing songs, I’m creating a purposeful atmosphere. I pose the question to alert your readiness”